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All Saints is a Regional School.

What does that mean, and how does it affect the tuition?

All Saints Catholic School serves students from many of the local parishes in the Tulsa Diocese that do not have a school as part of their parish ministry. While All Saints sits on the campus of Saint Anne's Catholic Church, we are not just a school for students in that parish. We have students attending All Saints from St. Anne's, St. Benedict's, St. Bernard's, St. Clement's, and others. These parishes provide a subsidy to All Saints for students of families in good standing with their parish. These families receive the Catholic/Supporting Parishioner rate. Of course, families attending these parishes may choose to pay the Non-Parishioner rate.

Some students attend All Saints even though their home parish does have a school. While any student from any parish is welcome, it is important to note that when looking at the tuition rates for All Saints, students that attend a parish with a school will be billed the Non-Parishioner rate. Any exception to this would have to come from the priest of the parish the student attends.

2021-22 Tuition Rates

1 Student

$5,260 (Catholic/Supporting Parishioner*)
$6,010 (Non-Parishioner)

2 Students

$9,838 (Catholic/Supporting Parishioner*)
$11,338 (Non-Parishioner)

3 Students

$13,833 (Catholic/Supporting Parishioner*)
$16,038 (Non-Parishioner)

4 Students

$16,027 (Catholic/Supporting Parishioner*)
$19,027 (Non-Parishioner)

*The discounted parishioner rate will be given to families whose parish agrees to provide a subsidy. 

Tuition and Financial Policy