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Thank you for your interest in All Saints Catholic School for the 2018-19 school year. Enrollment began on February 15, 2018 for new families, and the school is accepting registration forms according to the admission guidelines. Once a grade level is full, students will be placed on wait lists. Families will be notified if and when space becomes available.

Enrollment Check-List

  1. Registration Form
  2. $150 Enrollment Fee (per family), payable to All Saints
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Copy of Current Immunization Records (State Requirements)
  5. Copy of Baptism Certificate (if baptized)
  6. First Communion Certificate (if Catholic, grades 3-8)
  7. Most recent copy of grade card and standardized test scores
  8. Request for Records

All Saints requires placement testing for all new students. Incoming kindergarteners will be tested in late Spring, and new students in grades K-8 will be tested over the summer.