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Our Faculty

All Saints Catholic School employs a first-rate faculty and staff, with an emphasis on Catholic teachers in the classroom. These dedicated teachers are committed to their ministry and have invested untold hours into professional development in faith formation, curricular innovations, instructional strategies, safety, and learning styles. In addition to classroom teachers, we have specialty teachers in subjects including art, foreign languages, music, physical education, speech and drama, and technology. We also have a full-time reading specialist and part-time counselor to assist students with specific learning challenges.

Working together, our faculty becomes a team of professional educators at every grade level and subject area. Their commitment to the mission of All Saints, the success of their students, and their own professional growth, is what makes our school a place for academic excellence and personal responsibility within a Catholic faith community.

Name Title Contact
Adams, Heidi Kindergarten 918-940-1019
Arras, Karen M.S. Religion 918-940-1000
Baggs, Sue 2nd Grade
Blakley, Megan Secretary 918-258-2065
Borovich, Fred Maintenance 918-940-1012
Brooks, Tamara 5th Grade 918-251-3000
Brown, Melissa Pre-K Aide 918-940-1017
Chalé, Ria 3rd-8th Grade Spanish 918-299-3000
Clarke, Ryan Lunch Room Coordinator/M.S. Electives 918-940-1023
Copsey, Renata Computers/Tech. Ed. 918-940-1021
Descher, Sherelle M.S. Grammar 918-940-1003
Eacret, Shawna Kindergarten 918-940-1018
Evans, Hilary 1st Grade 918-940-1029
Frisillo, Amy French 918-940-1001
Frisillo, Elizabeth Assistant Principal 918-893-3853
Gilbert, Paula Pre-K Aide 918-940-1015
Hay, Jan
Hinderman, Ellen 2nd Grade 918-940-1030
Hollowell, Mary Aide
Ibison, Karen Pre-K 918-940-1014
Jones, Melanie 4th Grade 918-455-5851
Kane, Cheryl Development Director 918-251-0041
King, Angela Reading Specialist 918-940-1027
King, Laura Bookkeeper 918-251-1630
Klindera, Gisella M.S. Science 918-940-1005
Krawczyk, Jeanne Latin/Yearbook/Communication Director 918-940-1007
Lunt, Debbie Library/Academic Bowl 918-940-1024
Lynch, Cassy Aide 918-251-3000
Martinez, Christina 3rd Grade
McAuliff, Kimberly M.S. Math & Science 918-940-1002
Olinghouse, Ruth Extended Day Program Director 918-806-6683
Pain, Christine M.S. Literature 918-940-1010
Patton, Penny P.E./Athletic Director 918-251-1125
Pohlman, Mary 1st Grade 918-940-1028
Pollard, Allison 5th Grade 918-940-1013
Proctor, Holly Art Teacher 918-361-3081
Shildt, Todd 4th Grade 918-940-1036
Stafford, Beth PK-2nd Spanish/Speech & Drama/M.S. Study Skills 918-940-1022
Stieferman, Heather Elem. Enrichment/M.S. Study Skills/M.S. Electives 918-940-1008
Taylor, Julie 3rd Grade 918-940-1033
Thornburg, Maggie Pre-K 918-940-1016
Tillman, Carrie Health/Office Aide 918-251-3000
Vonnahme, Deb M.S. History/M.S. Geography 918-940-1006
Wantiez, Lynn Music 918-940-1026
Williams, Suzette Principal 918-893-2560
Yarnall, Elaine M.S. Math 918-940-1004