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Catholic Schools Curriculum

All Saints Catholic School uses a curriculum approved by the Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese of Tulsa which incorporates Catholic Social Teaching into lessons across grade levels and subject areas. To view, download, or print the curriculum for each grade level in PDF format, simply click on the link below. 

Catholic Schools Curriculum

The Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission, OPSAC, assists the Oklahoma State Board of Education by monitoring and approving organizations that accredit nonpublic (private) elementary and secondary schools in Oklahoma.

All Saints Catholic School is accredited in the State of Oklahoma under the auspices of the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic Schools Accrediting Association (OCCSAA). The Council of Commissioners of OCCSAA consists of representatives of both Oklahoma (Arch)dioceses, a representative from the Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission and from Newman University. The committee periodically examines the principles and standards used as criteria for accreditation to be certain that they are based on desirable and current educational practices. This committee strives to maintain consistency between the criteria used for evaluation and the Catholic philosophy of education, as stated in Papal and United States Catholic Conference (USCC) documents. This accreditation assessment strengthens the ministry of our school as Catholic in the Diocese of Tulsa, continuing the long and proud tradition of excellence in Catholic Education.

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