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The Catholic Faith

All students, regardless of denomination, attend daily religion class. These classes support the foundation of Catholic education, and are integral in the formation of students as Christians. Beginning in pre-kindergarten, students learn of the life of Jesus, His teachings, and His call to each of us to follow Him. Included in our theological teachings are service as ministry, Catholic doctrine, stewardship, and discipleship. Catholic Social Teachings are integrated into lessons across all subject areas.

Our school celebrates Mass each week at St. Anne Catholic Church. Students participate as altar servers, choir members, lectors, and ushers. Students in grades 3-8 gather monthly to pray the rosary. Catholic students also have the opportunity to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation twice a year. Catholic students, with the support of their families, are expected and encouragedd to fulfill their duties as responsible members of the Catholic community by attending Sunday Mass. Parents are responsible for arranging sacramental preparation instructions in their respective parishes.

Diocese of Tulsa Guidelines

Because they are religious, the schools shall:
  • Teach Catholic principles and Christian values in all appropriate areas of curriculum;
  • Offer personal experiences in Christian living and opportunities for personal commitment including liturgy, sacramental life, prayer, guidance, and example;
  • Recognize the dignity and God-given talents of each person: students, faculty, staff, pastor, and parent;
  • Provide education in Catholic value-centered human sexuality according to Diocesan norms; and
  • Reflect a Christian understanding of responsibility for one another, reflected in mutual support of the students, faculty and staff, clergy, parents, and parishioners.
Those who teach formal religion classes shall be Catholics in good standing. They shall work toward and attain the appropriate level of religious education certification required by the Diocesan Office of Religious Education.