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If you are a lunch room volunteer you must complete the diocese volunteer requirements and the online food safety training provided by the Tulsa Health Department. The required certification is free and take about an hour (which can count toward Care & Share). Upon completion of the course, you will be able to print your volunteer permit. You will need to provide the school with a copy of the permit. To access the course go to  You must renew this permit yearly.
Lunch Room Duty Requirement

Each family will be required to complete 2 hours of volunteer work in the lunch room each academic year or will be billed $20.

Lunch Duty Sign Up Calendar.
Lunch Towel Sign Up Calendar

Here are some FAQs about the lunch duty requirement:
Is there a penalty for not completing 2 volunteer hours in the lunch room? If so, what? Yes, you will be bill $10 for each hour up to the 2 hour requirement. 

It's 2 hours per family, not per student, not per parent, correct? Correct, 2 hours per family. Either parent can work.

Can other families/people (grandparents, etc) volunteer for another family? Only grandparents can volunteer for the parents. (Other Care & Share hours are not transferable.)

Is it still 2 hours for single-parent households? Yes, 2 hours is still required for single-parent households.

These 2 hours count toward the 25 C&S hours, correct? No, only hours worked over the 2 can count toward C&S.

If I pay the full $250 Care & Share fee do I still have to work the 2 hours? Yes, you will have to either pay $20 over the $250 C&S Fee or volunteer 2 hours.

If I am washing the lunch room towels does this fulfill the requirement? No.

Lunch Menu and Ordering

All Saints offers a catered lunch Monday through Thursday and cheese pizza on Fridays. Students are always welcome to bring their lunch, but if they plan to eat the school lunch they must pre-order 2 weeks in advance through ParentsWeb. Menus are available in ParentsWeb.

The costs are: Lunch Tray/Pizza Box $3.60, Milk, $.40, Additional Entrée with purchase of Lunch Tray $1.25, Additional Side $.50. Online payments are not currently available. Payment for the lunch accounts is made to the office by writing a check to All Saints with "lunch' in the memo. We ask that you keep a positive balance in your family's lunch account.

Lunch FAQ

Question: Why are we asking parents to pre-order lunches?
As you know, All Saints does not have a kitchen. In order to provide students with a hot lunch option, we use a catering service. It is a huge burden to ask our caterer to plan for meals without knowing how much food to prepare. Therefore, we are asking parents to plan ahead as a courtesy to the caterer. This is standard practice for any school lunch caterer. 

Question: What is my deadline for ordering the catered lunches?
Two weeks in advance.  

Question: Can I edit my order?
You can edit/update your order any time until the deadline for that ordering period.

Question: If I have pre-ordered a lunch, and my child is absent, will I be charged?
You will not be charged for a lunch if your child is absent.

Question: If I have pre-ordered a lunch, and my child has changed their mind about eating the catered lunch, will I be charged?
You will be charged if you have ordered lunch and your child is present at school that day. You may still send a sack lunch, but you will be charged for the catered lunch.

Question: If I forget to pre-order a lunch or send a lunch, what will my child eat?
If your child arrives at school without a lunch and without having pre-ordered a lunch, they will be given a brown bag lunch at the parents' expense.

Question: What's in the brown bag lunch?
The brown bag lunch will contain peanut butter crackers and a fruit cup. The parents will be charged $3.00. This is for emergencies only.

Question: What if my child has special dietary requirements and can't eat what is in the brown bag lunch?
If your child can't eat what is provided in the brown bag lunch, you will be called to bring them a lunch.

Question: Do I need to pre-order milk?
Yes, please pre-order milk. This is important for planning purposes.

Question: Why isn't milk included in the catered lunch?
A great deal of milk has been wasted in years past by students who did not want their milk.

Question: If I don't order milk, what beverage choices are available?
Students will be given water. They may bring their own water bottle to refill, or they will receive a cup of water.

Question: How can I see my lunch balance?
This information will be available in ParentsWeb under family billing. This will include your balance that was carried over from the 2015-16 school year.

If you have additional questions about lunch ordering, please direct them to Mrs. Oswald at