All Saints Catholic School
Educating Our Saints & Leaders of Tomorrow


A. Diocese of Tulsa Catholic School Policy
1. "There shall be no discrimination in enrollment practices according to race, ethnic background, sex, social or economic status." (Diocesan Policy 6110.1) To clarify the statement above:
2. A person shall be admitted as a student only when that person and his/her parents/guardians subscribe to the school's mission and philosophy and agree to abide by the educational policies and regulations of the school and the Diocese.
3. A student is accepted by the school only when he/she has a reasonable, well founded hope of successfully completing the programs of the school.
4. When a student is admitted to All Saints School, acceptance will be probationary for the first year.
5. Students will not be denied admission to the school because they are physically and/or emotionally challenged unless the school cannot provide sufficient care for them.

B. Admission Requirements
For the admission of any student, the parent must:
1. Provide the child's birth certificate or legal verification of the child's date of birth. The age of admission for kindergarten students is five (5) years of age on or before September 1st. (Oklahoma State Law)
2. Provide the child's health record showing dates of all immunizations in compliance with those required by state law.
3. Provide authorization for release of all academic, psychological, behavioral and evaluative records from the student's school of prior attendance, when applicable.
4. Be present at an interview with the student when deemed appropriate and necessary by the school.

C. Admission Priorities
In the instance of limited enrollment space, enrollment opens first to family members of existing students, then to Catholic students from contributing parishes in the Diocese of Tulsa, then to the general public. The school office publishes pre-registration dates. It is important that parents complete the pre-registration procedure during the given period, as placement cannot be guaranteed. Pre-registration serves two purposes; to ensure placement in the class for your child and to aid in estimating income for the purpose of ordering books and supplies. A non-refundable fee is charged.

D. Admission Academic Requirements
Students must demonstrate having the academic ability and skills background to perform successfully within the wide range of the grade level to be entered by:
1. Satisfactory performance on the grade level placement test or readiness screen administered by the grade level teacher or screening team.
2. Complete documentation from the school(s) of previous attendance indicating the needed skill background, ability, performance, behavioral patterns and attendance.
Students and parents share the responsibility for adding to the climate of the learning situation.
Student's social, emotional and behavioral abilities and characteristics must be such that meeting a student's needs does not inhibit the integrity of a learning situation in which all students can learn and all teachers can teach.
The principal shall exercise vigilance in ascertaining that transfers by students from other schools are sought for motives in accordance with the philosophy of Catholic education and that the students are capable of taking full advantage of the school program and being successful in the school situation.

E. Placement Testing/Screening
All new K-8 students entering the school are required to take a placement test. The purpose of this test is to determine at what level a child can best function with regard to the challenging curriculum of the school. Placement testing is scheduled through the school office after pre-registration procedures are complete. A testing fee is due at the time of testing.
All Kindergarten students are assessed to identify potential handicaps to the normal learning situation and to identify developmental readiness. A testing fee is due at the time of assessment.

Enrollment Policies
2017-18 enrollment for current families on will open February 1, 2017. Enrollment for new families will open on February 15, 2017.  Tuition Rates and the Registration Form for 2017-18 are on our Downloadable Forms page. Please note that new families from St. Anne's must obtain a pastor's signature on the enrollment for prior to turning in the form in order to receive the subsidy/parishioner rate.