Tax Credits for Catholic School Scholarships!

Get tax credits for donating to fund Catholic school scholarships? Yes, it is true!  

All Saints Catholic School
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Here at All Saints Catholic School we are continually blessed by the support of our families. Each year we hold a fundraiser for our Tuition Assistance fund so that families who may not otherwise afford our tuition can still have an opportunity for their child to attend our school. We rely on our All Saints Family generosity to keep that program viable. No matter how small or large  the need, it is our goal to extend the opportunity to attend our school to everyone.  
If you would like to contribute to our school's general fundraising account, please click on the Paypal link to make your tax deductable donation. Once we receive notification we will send you a tax receipt. You may also mail a check to our address if you prefer. If you are interested in making a designated donation, please contact the office first. We thank you for your generosity and God Bless you.
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Check out to learn more about how you can provide scholarships for students attending a Catholic school in the Diocese of Tulsa at a very low net cost to you. GO is a tool designed to take advantage of a new tax credit scholarship law in Oklahoma to help make a Catholic school education more affordable and accessible for all children.

What makes GO such an attractive tool for you is that individuals, married couples and businesses receive a state income tax credit worth up to 50 percent of the amount of their contribution to GO! That tax credit, especially when combined with the charitable contribution deduction, dramatically lowers the net cost of your contribution to GO. Donors to GO can designate up to 75% of their contribution to the Catholic Schools of their choice in the Diocese of Tulsa. Please consider designating a portion of your donation to All Saints Catholic School.

To learn more and donate, visit: